Nepal Earthquake Relief Update

Financial Report for Nepal relief fund. Project # 102.6006.172

The tents, rice and other relief items for the 1400 people in Tawal have been delivered for a cost of $11,123 dollars. Jesus Saves Network advanced the money in faith and has invited our friends to donate. As of today we have received cash or pledges/promises in the amount of $8,532. We are trusting for $2,591 more to come into our account on this project. You can donate at Church of God World Missions Project #102.6006172 or you can donate on line at

Thank you to the 21 donors who gave this $8,532. I also thank the many others who are praying and posting encouraging words. We trust God for all the needs to be supplied. After other donors send the $2,591 we can begin to talk about how JSN can help rebuild a Bible School, and a home for Pastor Endra Tamang who is the facilitator of the JSN Bible School and home school in Tawal village, Ree, Dhading, Nepal. Your donations of any amount will help and be greatly appreciated.

I pray you will hear the voice of the Lord as to a donation.





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The villages of Tawal were totally collapsed by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25th April 2015. The news is heartbreaking…all the houses have collapsed and people have been sleeping under trees in the cold and rain. Even worse, the food is destroyed and is covered by tons of rubble. Now our 8 precious children have no  school to teach them English and the 7 Bible School students have no where to have classes. We are asking each of you to pray and  support the Jesus Saves Network efforts to help these people!
We have a team from Pokhara that going to deliver food, water, and other urgent necessary items for survival to the Tawal village. With your financial support, we can make a bigger impact to help many many desperate people.

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