Meet the Pastor


Testimony Bindra Rai

I am Bindra Bahadur Rai from Eastern part of Nepal, at Morang district. I was born 1984 in the month of March, in Hindu family, but grew up in the Christian family. While I was 6 months old, my parent had accepted Jesus as their personal savior.

Though I was growing up in the Christian family, I was nominal Christian, because in Nepal if parents are Christian automatically entire family called as a Christian but not born again Christian. When I was 15 years old, I was badly sick so that my parents took me in hospital, but hospital was not able to heal me.  That is why I decided to accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and savior in the month of January 12, 1999. Since I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, I became more curious about Biblical educations to have it and serve the Lord as a teacher and preacher. In 2001 I got chance to go for disciple training at Pokhara, 7 days of training I came to know the truth and that truth led me to works according to the will of God. After that I decided to do the ministry of God in Nepal because I have seen lot of spiritual empty and spiritual battle in the human heart that is why where is a need of spiritual and social reformation by applying the word of God.

However, in 2002 I went for my B Th program in India the district of west Bengal, so that in the month of may 2005 I graduated from the Himlaya Theological college, right after my B Th I went to my M Dive program in South India in 2008. I finished my M Dive program from New Life College in Bangolure South India then I came back to Nepal after the completion of M Dive and prayed to the Lord for His will open me for further steps. God showed me a vision of starting a Church in Kathmandu, and that was done with two nominal believers. It was really difficult to do the ministry in the initial stage. However, I have been serving Lord by faith with tear and prayer. I faced lot of persecution by surrounding the local Hindu people and another reason is that there are lots of temples in the surrounding of our faith Church but we have been continuously praying to our heavenly Father, as the resulted we have now 80 people in one congregation. As I went to do more for the Lord, I have started other new fellowships to raise them Churches in eastern part of Nepal. I believe not only in the number of believers and Churches but also the standard of spiritual life of them. Therefore, I had been praying for a way to lift up the spiritual maturity of believers and church leaders of Nepal. Now I have been working in local Newari people in Kathmandu even in future also I will work Newari community center of Nepal.