About Us

Faith church of Nepal


Faith church started by the Ps. Bindra Rai in 2008, he started Faith Church with the tear and guidance of Holy Spirit for the extension of Kingdom of God in every corner of the Nepal.
What we do?

  • ¬†Mobilizing and equipping the church in Nepal to accomplish the great commission helping them.
  • Establishing the Churches in Nepal.
  • Counseling personally.
  • Helping in the special activities as well as spiritual realms.
  • Faith Church accomplishes through a team of preachers and teacher working for revival in the churches, Evangelism.
  • As well as Bible College, Schools, Orphanage etc. To work the social welfare.
  • Helping to the widows.
  • Helping to the poor in the spiritual way.

Who are we?

The Faith Church is consisted with the lots of personalities such as Pastors, Teachers, Students, Singers and farmers etc. The faith Church is the professional Nepalese Evangelist based in different states of Nepal with varied gifts to edify, educate, encourage and challenge the Churches in Nepal, in Biblical ethics and principles through preaching, teaching and training. Faith Church is fully interdependence within itself. The Needs Revival is need of our Churches. There is need of spiritual renewal within Churches a radical return to God, total commitment to the way of Cross and living the spirit-controlled life. The churches have to fulfill the great commission, because of God because in the Nepal as country where more than million people desperately need to hear the Gospel, therefore, we work along aside the church to fulfill the Great Commission. We have special focus on reaching urban and rural. Urban professional in view of the rising tribe of youngsters in our cities immersed in the professionalism of our time. Rural, a prime focus Faith Church is training the rural and tribal Pastors in the remote area of the most part of Nepal.